Maintenance tips for the year

This section is aimed at helping you decide your landscape requirements and the best time of year to make them work.

The calender can help you save time, money and give you added pleasure in your garden. Sometimes it can be the simplest of things. Do not be afraid of what you do, give it a go. Nature has a wonderful way of forgiving. It just takes time, patiences and occasionally the professional guided hand. When all else fails or you just want to enjoy your outdoor space with as little effort as possible. Then time to give us a call.

A top gardener is one that tries new things and constantly hones their skill. Mistakes are the best way to learn but you can not without trying first. No one book has the answer. No one technique is the best for all. As no one thing in nature is identical. 

Please fell free to give some of the tips a go or ask us and we will be happy to provide the service.