December Top 10

 Castle Coombe christmas

1. Protect tender plants from the winter weather.

2. Move tubs and containers to sheltered areas of the garden.

3. Check the greenhouse heater is working.

4. Prune bushes and wisteria.

5. If buying a fresh Christmas tree, cut an inch off the base trunk and stand outside in a deep bucket of water for at least 24 hours before bringing into the house. Find a cool spot, away from radiators ideally and keep in a reservoir of water.

6. Look out for house plants that can add colour and foliage to your home, but water sparingly.wicca Star

7. Care for Poinsettias by keeping away from draughts, water little and often, do not allow them to have big variations in temperature but give them a sunny spot to sit in.

8. Plant Amaryllis.

9. Planting bare root roses, hedges and treeyuletides.


10. Have a merry Yuletide and Winter solstice.