January top 10

  1. Clearing any debris onto your compost Avebury Januaryheap. Try not to be over tidy as frosts can damage early growth. A loose covering of leaves will helps protect.
  2. After a storm, have a walk around you garden and check for any loose posts or frames. Repair, retie or simply make good asap. Left damaged will only get worse. ad cost more to repair.
  3. Brush or tap snow off shrubs as the extra weight can cause damage to the branches.
  4. If you have a greenhouse, this is an ideal time to give a good clean inside and out to get rid of pests or diseases, and then you can get a head start on growing.
  5. Sweet Peas can be started in heated propagators or on warm window ledges, and once germinated can be transported to greenhouses and cold frames. Other hardy flower varieties that are slow growers can also be started such as Lobelias and Begonias.
  6. Keep your bird table or feeders well stocked as most of the berries are now gone from the garden.
  7. As long as the ground is not frozen, plant out bare rooted or pot grown roses.
  8. Keep a regular check on newly planted shrubs and roses.
  9. Aerate lawns.
  10. Keep container plants protected from frost.