October Top 10


october trees

1. Weed now to prevent issues over winter.

2. New shrubs and perennials can be planted now to put down roots before the colder weather sets in.

3. Discard any summer bedding and potted plants and baskets. Replant with pansies and structural plants such as grasses, heathers and conifers.

4. Continue planting spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, hyacinths, irises.

5. Lift summer bulbs and store for the winter. Leave dahlias until after the first frost.

6. Clean out the greenhouse and insulate if planning to use over winter.

7. Create a composting area for all of the dead leaves and waste produced in autumn.

8. Keep house plants drier for winter.

9. Clear all debris to a point. Nature needs a little untidiness. Do remove leaves from lawns, as the grass will not survive and moss will ensue.

10. Take hardwood cuttings.

jolly pumpkin