April Top 10

april Blue bell

1. Remove all faded flowers, let daffodils die back for six week to conserve the energy for next year which will produce a better display. 

2. Continue to prune roses and shrubs. 

3. Plant biennials such as pansies, violas, sweet Williams and sweet peas.

4. Continue to control weeds.

5. Stake tall plants to prevent damage from wind.

6. Maintain spring pots by dead heading to encourage more flowers and keep compost in pots moist.

7. Treat lawns for moss and fertilise regularly.

8. Tie in new shoots of climbers.

9. 23 of April is St. Georges day. Dandelions are at their best if that can beMay dandelion said. Pick flower heads to make wine 

10. Forage for wild garlic, can be found in woodland. The fresh leaves and flowers bring a peppery edge to any salad.wild garlic image