November Top 10


1. Trim evergreen hedges and lavender for the last time this season.

2. Dig over ground that you plan to use come the spring to allow winter frosts to break down the soil.Nov. Fireworks

3. Plant any deciduous trees and shrubs – ideal time for bare rooted plants.

4. Finish planting any spring flowering bulbs before the weather deteriorates. Best time for planting tulips bulbs.

5. Ventilate greenhouses and check all is ready for spring to prevent mildew and diseases.

6. Plant out new roses and prune established ones.november give thanks

7. Move any young plants that you want to relocate in the garden.

8. Raise outdoor pots on feet to prevent water logging over the winter.

9. Tidy hedges and prune trees.

10. Remove any dead or damaged foliage.